Connecting Vitality and Performance for a Better Bottom Line

Slinging wellness truth-bombs tied together in an undeniably approachable delivery, Dr. Denniston is clearly passionate about bridging the connection between well-being and how leaders and their teams can amplify their impact in the world.

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Connecting Vitality & Performance for a Better Bottom Line

Slinging wellness truth-bombs tied together in an undeniably approachable delivery, Dr. Heather is clearly passionate about bridging the connection between well-being and how leaders and their teams can amplify their impact in the world.

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Dr. Denniston Has Worked With...

"Engaging, practical and hilarious..."

... is what audiences say about Dr. Denniston.

As a Wellness Strategist, she amplifies the performance of elite leaders and their teams with custom solutions to burnout and stress. Her actionable content results in strategies that maximize vitality, productivity, and resilience.

 Slinging wellness truth-bombs tied together in an undeniably approachable delivery, Dr. Denniston is clearly passionate about helping audiences bridge the connection between personal well-being and professional success. 

Her presentations focus on identifying factors that deplete energy, limit performance, and squash potential. 

Her goal is to exit stage right, leaving healthier, happier leaders with optimized impact and less attrition. This, in turn, leads to a healthier bottom line.

About Dr. Denniston

As a seasoned chiropractor with a specialized certification in Wellness Chiropractic (CCWP), Certified Personal Trainer, speaker and author, Dr. Denniston brings decades of experience to the stage. She has presented at conferences and global companies such as Microsoft. She has been published in Medium, Paleo magazine, and Thrive Global and authored The Three Day Reset. Her signature program, The Wellness Amplifier Performance Program, helps catalyze optimal wellness and catapult employee's productivity, effectiveness, and success. 

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Harnessing Resilience as Your Superpower

What if you could build resilience as a renewable fuel, and it had nothing to do with bouncing back or getting on with it? Join Dr. Denniston for an eye-opening hour that will leave you armed with secret tools to stave off burnout and amplify energy even during the most stressful times.

You will learn how to

  • guard your energy for ultimate influence
  • use curiosity and a growth mindset as secret weapons
  • cultivate courage and grit to make you bendier
  • mine for joy to build leverage in chaos
  • discover your resilience-building true north

Bridging the Connection Between Personal Well-Being and Professional Success

You are stressed, overwhelmed, and on the brink of burnout. You feel like you have no time for self-care, and it doesn't matter because you'd have no clue what to tackle first. Join Dr. Denniston for this fast-paced, action-packed hour revealing wellness strategy secrets to leave you inspired and ready to act.

You will learn 

  • why we are in a constant health headwind
  • the three secrets about stress you don't know
  • your most crucial well-being system is like a see-saw
  • the critical self-compassion practice that must come first
  • the trick to making new behaviors stick
Let's Talk About Optimizing Your Team

– Paul H.
Human Resources, Microsoft

“I gained a lot of insights and key learning from the session on wellness that I took part in with Heather. I found the method of linking the advice to my personal context very useful and helped me cement the knowledge into my fitness and wellness journey. Since the course I now stand at my desk every morning and have started taking the key supplements. Heather is clearly a world-class leader in her field and along with her warm and friendly style this was the best session of its type I have ever participated in. Thank you, Dr. Heather!” 


Dr. Denniston tailors each talk to her audience. Some examples of past presentation titles include:

You Are Spilling Your Most Precious Resource

The Personal and Professional Cost of Unknowingly Leaking Your Energy

You are exhausted and bordering on burnout. Your get-up-and-go has left the building, and you are unsure how to get it back. In this session, you will learn where you spill your most precious resource and the practical tools to shore up the holes in your bucket, buy back bandwidth, and get back to the things that truly matter.

 You will learn how

  • decision fatigue, focus, and multitasking drain your brain's battery
  • toxic relationships, over-giving, worry, and fear put you into overdraft
  • working outside your zone of genius depletes you far more than you thought.
  • to shore up those holes in your energy bucket with easily integrated strategies 



In the fast-paced world of corporate leadership, the demands can be relentless, and the pressure to excel is constant. In this exclusive session, Dr Denniston invites you to embark on a unique exploration of breath as a powerful tool to navigate the challenges, enhance your leadership presence, and harness the untapped potential within. Join us as we delve into a curated collection of five breathwork techniques meticulously tailored for the corporate landscape. Learn how conscious breathing can be your secret strategy to foster a profound sense of presence, empower your confidence, and unlock peak performance. Every attendee will leave with five new breathing strategies to use immediately!

You will discover that strategic breathwork 

  • Is the fastest path between fight or flight and rest and relax
  • Improves brain function and dramatically lowers stress
  • Magnifies focus and amplifies productivity
  • Are easily implemented into your daily routine

Boundary Lines

Amplify Your Well-Being by Naming and Holding Clear Boundaries

Are you constantly overwhelmed and have no time for self-care or the things you want to do? You might have boundary issues. Boundaries are essential to define, set, and hold, but most of us have never been taught how! Join Dr. Denniston in this interactive session, where you will discover what boundaries are, why they often fail, and how to finally set and secure them for good.

You will learn

  • the five types of boundaries we must consider
  • why personal and professional limits are hard to set and often fail
  • why flimsy or rigid boundaries chip away at your health
  • the five steps to crush boundary setting once and for all

Confidence in Spades

Rapid Confidence Building Strategies to Power Up Your Professional Game

Want to up your confidence cred? Discover the secrets of gaining confidence and implement four easily implementable power strategies that build certainty immediately. Your team will love this interactive session and will leave with tools to ditch the imposter and grab hold of their inner "I got this."

You will learn how

  • an "alter ego" amplifies confidence in a flash
  • secret physical postures build presence and certainty
  • navy seals use this strategy to skyrocket bravery
  • swallowing a daily frog builds boldness
Reach Out to Discuss Your Tailored Presentation

– Valerie Ward
Wellness Direct, Microsoft

“Dr. Denniston is fabulous to partner with! Being onsite at Microsoft, part of my role is to bring in well-being speakers and content that’s engaging and informative for employees and their families. I love Dr Denniston’s approach to whole-person well-being, with her magnetic personality she has an incredible gift of combining research-based content and presenting it in a way that’s relatable, refreshing and engaging.”

Previous Speaking Experience

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  • Deutsche Borse Group - Frankfurt Germany
  • School of Mines - Boulder, Colorado
  • Legacy Dental - Seattle, Washington
  • National Association of Women Lawyers - Virtual
  • Catlin Gable School - Portland, Oregon
  • Swedish Hospital - Seattle, Washington
  • Providence Hospital - Edmunds, Washington
  • Executive Support Global -Virtual
  • National Association of Independent Schools - Seattle, Washington
  • Microsoft - Azure - Seattle, Washinton
  • Microsoft - Channel Sales - Seattle, Washington
  • Microsoft - EA organization- Seattle, Washington
  • Chadwick School - Palos Verdes, California
  • Washington Cities -  Seattle, Washington
  • National Bank of Kansas City - Virtual
  • Main Street Properties - Kirkland, Washington

– Kelly Price, NBKC Bank

"Dr. Heather provided meaningful content with ideas for applications that are immediately implementable and actually create change. Our employees not only enjoy the topics, but have been able to find ways to improve communication skills, found new ways for self care, and improved their work from home environments. Dr. Heather has been a great resource for our organization and employees, especially during the pandemic when we need the guidance and partnership most. I highly recommend Dr. Heather to work with you and your employees - she is fabulous!"

Podcast Appearances

The Wellness Amplifier Performance Program

If you would like to hire Heather as a speaker you will also be interested in her Wellness Amplifier Performance Program for you or for your team.

The Wellness Amplifier Performance Program is sourced from 25 years of private practice working with companies from small start-ups to global giants like Microsoft.

This program identifies factors that deplete energy, limit performance, and squash potential. Based on initial data, initiatives are tailored to culminate in a pattern of self-fueled performance and reward.

The goal is to have healthier, happier leaders with optimal performance, greater productivity, and less attrition. This, in turn, leads to a healthier bottom line.

Get more information on the WELLNESS AMPLIFIER PERFORMANCE PROGRAM by filling out the contact form.

Learn More About The Wellness Amplifier Performance Program

Laura Foster

“Dr. Heather Denniston is an exceptional communicator, inspired story teller and engaging keynote speaker. She has the uncommon ability to take the most complex of ideas and relate them to the listener a way that is relatable, relevant and humorous. As a consummate professional, her message embodies leadership, self-responsibility and the power of personal growth. In a world where everyone has a platform, Heather is a standout and I would highly recommend her as a speaker.” 

Juliana K.

"I’ve had the opportunity to hear Dr. Heather Denniston speak numerous times and always come away with new insights and tools. What I appreciate most about Heather is her authenticity and genuine sincerity. You know she has lived and experienced what she is sharing and that shows in her presentations. She speaks with an authority that draws you in, along with a few personal stories that are informative and at times quite humorous. She’s a speaker that challenges me and causes me to think about what she’s shared long after the event is over. I look forward to the next opportunity to hear her speak!"

Tony Butz

"I've had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Denniston present in a professional setting. In describing her formidable presentation skills, words such as 'charismatic', 'clear', 'informative' and 'effective' immediately spring to mind. But the word that really emerges for me in describing Dr. Denniston's style and impact is: 'Powerful'. The passion, knowledge and empathy she brings to her audience unites in one powerful experience that lingers with the listener for a very long time."

“Coach Heather has the unique ability to ‘jump’ out of a video meeting and into your space...

... this workshop was no different and Heather’s presence was even more appreciated during this isolated and sometimes lonely time. She shares easy, actionable steps you can take to preserve during this great unknown.”

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